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This was my first day skiing and Kenny took me up a "green run" that turned out to be a blue run. ;-[ I fell and my skis popped off so I was pissed to say the least. I was wayyyy up the mountain but I started walking down, which by the way was so steep that I was literally skiing in just my boots. Kenny never takes my rage seriously...he slid past me on his butt in the snow. He told me to slow down but I kept walking fast and furiously (emphasis on furiously). I stopped for a moment to pelt him with snow until he was completely covered in white. Always the gentleman, he offered to carry the skis while I carried the poles and I happily made the exchange, still stewing in my rage and considering this some form of "pay back". We trekked for a little while longer with him trying to dig his butt out of the doghouse. We passed a woman on long skis who asked if we needed any help getting back. I guess we were supposed to hop on her skis with her? We thanked her and said no, and trekked on further till we found a little clearing and Kenny suggested we stop and rest...

  First Day: Chelle & Kenny

...He offered an apple to share but I was still very pissed. He asked me if I wanted to make a which I responded: We can't, the snow is too dry. I knew this from the snow pelting earlier as my intention had been to make a snowball and *POW!* get the idea. He said, "Yes we can, look". I looked and he crumbled a snowball and inside it was a ringbox. He asked me to marry him, I accepted and I wasn't pissed anymore. :) We slid down the mountain on our butts laughing.

  First Day: Kenny proposes to Chelle on a blue run

Shopping in Breckinridge was great. We both bought silly ski hats while we were there plus new fleece pullovers. We stopped in a bar for awhile where we ate cream of mushroom soup and buffalo clams, which are clam strips fried like spicy hot wings and served with a horseraddish sauce and ranch dressing. I wish I had some now!

  Third Day: Shopping in Breckinridge

We wrapped ourselves in fleece blankets and took a mule drawn sleigh ride to a tent in the woods where we had dinner. Originally, Kenny was going to propose on the sleigh ride. But since I got so pissed the first day, and since we were really in the perfect place for a proposal, he did so on Copper Mountain on our blue run. My friend, Billie, says that he proposed out of fear. The dinner was great and the live entertainment (the cook sang and played guitar) was nice and appropriate.

Third Day: Dinner & Sleigh Ride

Remember earlier when I talked about getting silly ski hats in Breckinridge? Here it is in all of its glory. I look really excited about going to ski again don't I? I can't tell you how thrilled I was to get all suited up to go fall down in the snow some more. By the end of this day I was having so much fun I hated to leave. Our last run was before the lifts closed and we decided to take a nice green run from the top of the mountain down. (I slipped and missed the lift and caused Kenny to get knocked off it but that is another story for another time...besides I am too embarassed to relive it.) I skied better than I had the entire trip. I was turning and stopping with ease and we were resting along the way so I didn't build up too much uncontrolled speed...

Last Day: Me in my silly ski hat

...I was having the time of my life and wishing we had at least one more day to ski. About fifty yards from the lift at the end of the run, I fell and twisted my right knee, spraining a ligament. I had to walk like a gimp through the airport on the flight home and for the following three months until it healed. Kenny also hurt his back wrestling luggage from baggage claim and was out of work for two weeks. We're ready to go again!


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