Born February 21, 1962, Anthony Holland was raised in the Blues City of Memphis, Tennessee, near the borderline of Mississippi, the Delta State. One could say that is a double dose of Dixie. His geographical region could explain the soulful sound of his voice and music. As they say down South: "He has been to church".

Genetic influences have also played a part in Anthony's rhythmic heritage. Coming from a musically driven family, his father, grandfather and a whole bunch of cousins, aunts and uncles sing and pick bluegrass, country and gospel music. You may remember Anthony's aunts, "The Holland Sisters", who performed on the Louisiana Hay Ride Stage in the 1950's in Shreveport during its "Hay Day".

Anthony is what is known in the business as a natural entertainer and entertain he does! He is frequently referred to as Mr. Showman. He delivers a rousting house rocking performance of rock-n-roll and rhythm and blues as well as the smooth laid back sounds of jazz, pop, country and gospel. Anthony has performed in venues all over America and the Bahamas.