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While Clayton was at his dad's for the summer, we decided to paint his room in a space theme. It took us two weeks and we were putting the final touches on it right before we left to pick him up at the airport.
Moon: I always knew Kenny hung the moon and this proves it. He painted the moon on Clayton's wall at the foot of his bed. Neptune: I painted Neptune behind Clayton's bed so he could see it when he sleeps.
Earth: I started painting the Earth and began to get very frustrated with the outcome. Kenny saved it by adding the clouds around the waters, which made it look much more realistic. Russian Stamps : I bought several sheets of Russian space stamps and a Kennedy Space Center patch off Ebay and framed them over one of his shelves.
Venus: This was the first planet Kenny painted and it looks nearly identical to the pic we had of it. Milky Way: Do you have any idea how hard it is to paint the Milky Way galaxy with wall latex? I couldn't do it...that's why I asked Kenny to. :D
Chest of Drawers: This is a chest of drawers my dad gave me for Clayton when he was born. I painted it black to match the room and put new handles on it. There was a very scary polyeurethane moment, but everything worked out well. Planet X and Comet: Planet X was my first planet to paint...I just wanted a RED planet on the wall somewhere. I added a comet flying over it and Kenny came in later adding small moons and stars around it.
Jupiter: I painted the bottom portion of Jupiter over Clayton's top bunk at the last minute because it just needed something else in that area. Kenny painted Mars (orange planet) after that. Map: I found this old planet map on Ebay and got it right away. It is somewhat outdated, as it was printed in 1968. We framed it in bulletproof plexiglass as it was all we could find in this size.
Sun: I painted the sun complete with solar flares which is no easy task with wall paints, let me tell you. Saturn: Kenny painted Saturn and I wish this was a better picture so you could see just how good of a job he did.
Satellite: Kenny made Clayton a satellite light switch plate with his scoll saw. He painted it with model paints and glued black plastic ties to the back. I LOVE this's so cute and it looks like it's orbiting Venus!  

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