~ The Big Stare ~

~ The Big Smooch ~
  ~ June 23, 2001 - Eureka Springs, Arkansas ~  

  ~ With Hats ~ ~ Without Hats ~
~ Our Wedding Chapel ~

~ Recording the Marriage License ~
  ~ Mr. & Mrs. Kendall Ellis ~  

It's official! We got hitched on June 23, 2001! On our way back from Oklahoma City, OK, we stopped over in Eureka Springs, AR to spend the night and do some shopping. While searching for a hotel, we noticed all these wedding chapels around and thought, "why not?". We stopped at one and found out that all we would need is a marriage license which we could get from the courthouse the next day before noon. We stayed in the Crescent Hotel, which is reportedly haunted and has been established since 1886 in Eureka Springs, AR. We saw no ghosts, but it was a very nice place to stay. We woke the next morning and rushed out to get our license before the courthouse closed, found a chapel/olde timey photography studio owned by Rev. Charley D. Bennett, who bears a striking resemblance in looks and sound to Billy Bob Thornton. We picked out our costumes and stood before our minister who surprisingly performed a very sweet ceremony. We made it back to the courthouse before 1:00 p.m. which meant we could record the marriage license the same day.

My Song to Kenny: Fearless Love by Bonnie Raitt

  ~ Reverend Charley D. Bennett ~  
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