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 Site Design

Web Brats offers a variety of site packages, from a one page web ad giving viewers brief product information and methods of contact, to a mass e-commerce site, selling your product over the Internet.

 Design Pricing Packages Most Often Requested
Full Page Flash Web Ad (Click to View Example Below): $1,200
Full Page Flash Web Ad with Two to Five Linked Pages: $2,400
Full Page Web Ad (Non-Flash): $500
Full Page Web Ad with Two Linked Pages (Non-Flash): $750
Flash Animated Introduction Page to Website: $750 and Up
Five to Seven Page Web Site: $950
Eight to Twelve Page Web Site: $1,700
Thirteen to Twenty Page Web Site: $2,500
Web Site with Twenty-One Pages or More: Will Quote
Flash Animated Website: Will Quote
Web Site with E-Commerce Capability: Will Quote
If your future web site is not represented by these packages, please call us at 662.280.5102 or submit a quote request for our rates.
 Website or Web Ad?

What is the difference between a website and a web ad? A web ad is the best way to go if you don't have a lot of information for your company but prefer to have a web presence with information on your page(s) that will not change. Web Brats offers several choices for web ads, from one to three pages using standard HTML/dHTML or Flash animation. Below is a screenshot linking to an example of a Full Page Flash Web Ad, which normally includes your company's contact information and an email link.

Click to View Demo
 What Happens Next?
When you put down your initial desposit of 33%, we'll get started immediately on your design. We'll guarantee a web site that will suit your tastes and project a professional business image to your clients. Clear communication of your ideas in the beginning of this design process will be important to produce your site in the timeliest manner.
We normally return to you with a design for approval within one to two weeks, after we have received any art, logos or content you have that you wish to be incorporated in the design. If you don't like the first design, we'll ask for your help in tuning us into your vision of the site, then head back to the drawing board and give it another try.
 Sample of First Design    Sample of Second Design  
Upon your approval of the design, we will start coding the site shell in HTML, fine tuning all navigational elements to your approval. When you are satisfied with the coded site shell and navigation, we will begin adding your content. After we've received the remaining balance and all content you have for the site, we will complete the coding and your site will be uploaded to your web space.
Web Brats can also register your domain for $15.00 per year and host your web site as low as $9.95 per month.
In addition to site design and logo creation, Web Brats can also create your site with Flash animation. If you are interested in a site with Flash animation or any other aspects or packages that are not listed within our site, we will be glad to quote you a price.