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 Frequently Asked Questions
Q.   Will Web Brats design a site consisting of less than three pages?

Web Brats takes pride, not only in providing a unique site design to our clients, but also in creative methods of site navigation. A one or two page site does not allow us to exercise our creativity in navigation as there is nowhere to go. Therefore, we cannot create a "web site" consisting of less than three pages.

However, if you are a business needing a simple web presence, we will design a one page web ad for you for $300.

Q.   Does Web Brats design personal sites as well as commercial sites?
A.   Yes. We are eager to tackle your project, personal or commercial.
Q.   Will a web site redesign cost less than a new web site design?

Web Brats offers a 5% discount if you require a web site redesign over a new web site design. A web site redesign is a new graphical design of your existing web site with minimal changes to your textual content on site. In a redesign most of the content is already incorporated into the site, making the whole process easier and less time consuming for us and therefore, less expensive for you.

Q.   Do I have to pay for everything at once?
A.   No. We accept a non-refundable deposit of 33% to start the graphical part of your site. After payment and your company logo and/or brochure (if applicable) is received, we will design your site in an image editing program then email you a copy of an image of that design. Upon your approval of design from this image, we will start coding the site shell in HTML, fine tuning all navigational elements to your approval. When you are satisfied with the coded site shell and navigation, we will begin adding your content. After we receive the remaining balance and all content you have for the site, we will complete the coding and your site will be uploaded to your web space.
Q.   What if I don't like the design?

We realize design can be subjective. If you do not like the first design, Web Brats will request a second, lengthier meeting with you so we can pick your brain to adequately plug into what you are expecting.

If after the second design, you still aren't pleased, we'll take one final crack at it. If you aren't happy with our three best efforts, then we will probably need to just agree to disagree and go our separate ways. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just can't please everyone...however, we haven't had anyone displeased with our designs yet (knock on wood!).

In this case, you would not be responsible for the remaining balance of the site costs, but you would also not receive a refund of the 33% deposit to cover our time and expense in trying to please you.

We've found the best policy is to communicate your likes and dislikes to us before we start. Most people have at least a mind's eye vision of what they are hoping for and we need to know what you see! We always welcome the input of our clients because after all, it is your web site.

Q.   What if I decide I'd rather take one of the designs Web Brats created and code it myself or have someone besides Web Brats code it for me?
A.   Web Brats reserves all rights to the graphical designs and written content we create for our clients. Leonardo da Vinci would have, no doubt, had a problem with another artist finishing up the Mona Lisa for him, and we are no different. We prefer to exercise our own coding expertise on the projects we design graphically to keep everything within our standards of excellence.
Q.   How long will it take to have my site up and running?

Most of the time it takes will be up to you. After we receive your signed Web Site Design & Development Agreement, 33% deposit, your company logo and/or brochure (if applicable), Web Brats will provide you with a graphical image of your site via email, within fifteen business days. After you have approved the design, we will email you a link to your coded site shell with navigation, within fifteen business days. Upon your approval of the site shell and navigation, and upon our receipt of payment for the rest of the balance owed, as well as all content you wish to have on the site, we will start the final process. We will code the site content and upload the finished site to your web space within fifteen business days. Please realize that fine tuning the final content to the client's approval may take an additional ten days after that.

It generally takes a month to six weeks to finish a web project. If you need your site finished quickly, providing us with all your content in the beginning helps to move the project along faster and paying your balance all at once can cut down on delays caused by sending several separate payments via mail.

Q.   Does Web Brats use generic templated designs that are sometimes found in web site editing programs?
A.   No. We are artists and take pride in the designs we offer our clients. When we receive your initial logo, brochure or other documents exhibiting your company information and image, we give the design of your site careful thought, striving to come up with a design that will incorporate the spirit of your business, outsmart your competition and impress your customers. You can't do that with a generic templated design that every business in the world can buy from an office supply store. Your site is our own personal canvas and every pixel absorbs the strong creative juices of our worthy team.
Q.   Does Web Brats use clip art in their designs?
A.   Sometimes. We subscribe to clip art services and at times we will find an image perfect for you waiting in those archives. However, 99% of the time, we fine-tune that image to fit your prefered color schemes or other graphical ideas. The overall site design will be custom designed to your specifications and we will have many hours worth of expert graphical work invested before we send it to you for your approval.
Q.   Where will I put my site when you are finished with it?

For a web site with a commercial domain ( you must have commercial web space available so you can point your domain to that space flawlessly. You also need this web space to house your email accounts with your domain in those addresses (

Web Brats offers space to host your web site on our dedicated server at very competitive rates - but more importantly, we are there 24/7 to handle any problem that may arise on our own server. Our server boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but should there be a problem we will handle it immediately, as our own company web site sets on the same server.

If you choose to go with another hosting company, realize that you are introducing a third party for us to deal with and in most cases, they will ONLY deal with YOU - and even then, it is hard to get them on the phone or they may charge a trouble ticket fee to handle your problem.

Therefore, if you want Web Brats to effectively manage your web site and handle any problem that might arise, we recommend that you host your site with us. Of course, we are extremely familiar with our own server and if necessary, can trouble-shoot your problem quickly and easily, to keep your web site running smoothly. We charge absolutely no trouble ticket fees to our web hosting clients and will work on your problem as if it were our own - because it is!

Please see our hosting prices to determine which option suits you best.

Q.   How can I set up my domain?
A.   Again, you have options for setting up your domain. You can either handle it yourself by setting up your domain through your own choice of registrars or we can register your domain for you for $15.00 per year, and $15.00 for every additional year.
Q.   What about registering my site with search engines?
A.   Search engine registration is a process that seems to stay in evolution. There are approximately 20 search engines on the Internet that will allow you to list your commercial site with them at no charge. You may do this yourself or we will do it for you once for $25.00. If you prefer to have your site listed with hundreds of other search engines that require fees for your listing, or desire an upgrade from the normal listing placement, again, you can do it yourself or we can list your site with these search engines for $50.00 plus whatever fees each search engine requires.
Did we answer everything for you? If not, please submit your question via email for Web Brats to address your concerns.