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 History of Web Brats

Established in 1997, Web Brats was formed by two friends from childhood. Both had been working on their own site projects and when reunited via the Internet, discovered a new shared hobby. After consulting with each other for months, it was discovered that in areas where one's expertise was lacking, the other's excelled. Chelle's strengths in graphic art and broad knowledge of html coupled with Billie's keen understanding of web development and research abilities laid the foundation for our tight production team.

They joined together to create a company called "Web Monsters". It seemed like a very powerful company name and they were very excited in its choosing. However, it was later pointed out by Chelle's mother, that the company should be called Web Brats, since "monsters are created and brats are just born that way". From that statement it was final: we were Web Brats.

Later we were joined by another friend from high school, Rae. In addition to good design skills, she also had a great interest in researching the business side of Web Brats; finding the best services available for our clients. She was a very important addition, providing the needed business expertise we previously lacked.

Then we were joined by Chelle's husband, Kenny, who had skills in Flash movie animation, photography, and most important, a broad vision, that stream-lined the creativity of our team. Kenny became the Director of Creative Services of Web Brats.

With this union, the caricatures on the front page of this site were drawn, incorporating the likenesses and characteristics of each of us, in the spirit and theme of brattiness.

Lately, we have also enlisted the help of our "technical guru", Jim Menees, who has more knowledge on the development side of this craft than anyone we have ever worked with.

Experience is the cornerstone for the foundation of any endeavor. We bring a broad knowledge of experience through our work outside of Web Brats. Inclusively, we have been on the staffs of large daily newspapers, non-profit organizations and a major defense contractor, creating and maintaining their sites, and web projects.

Keeping up with the constant changes of web development, we continue our education through workshops, classes and clinics. If the industry provides a way to bring your site ideas to life, we've already heard about it and have it polished by the time you come to us. If you need a site that's original and noticeable in its design and competitive in its development, you've come to the right place.

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