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 Our Staff
Web Brats Web Design is a collection of artists, designers and programmers, keeping each other trained in the new ideas and technologies in web design. To stay competitive in this market, we each remain focused on one aspect of design and development, mastering it fully before returning to share our knowledge with the rest of the staff. Collectively, we provide the soundest expertise in all the newest methods of web design and development.
 Chelle Ellis - Owner, Creative Services, Advertising & Customer Service/Support
Chelle is the owner of Web Brats Web Design but more importantly is an extremely talented graphic artist and web designer. In addition to her artistic talent, great eye for design and keen understanding of advertising, she also brings the most industry experience to Web Brats, as she has worked as a graphic artist and web designer/developer for two major daily newspapers and a globally recognized defense contractor. Today, she focuses her attention solely on servicing our clients 24/7, making sure they are always happy.

 Kenny Ellis - Creative Services: Digital Animation

Kenny heads up the Digital Animation Department and is our expert in Flash and GoLive digital animation. He is also currently involved in the research and development of 3D digital animation.

Hundreds of hours are spent in digital animation for web sites, which means we cannot offer these services at the same low rate as those without these features. We do not offer pricing for animated sites on this site, but we would be glad to quote you a price.

 Billie Stroope - Creative Services: Graphics & Design

Billie heads up the Graphic Design Department and specializes in research and development of the new site methods that make our web sites so competitive in the market. She provides the countless hours of research and experiment that go into each of the many features we offer our clients to better serve their own.

Billie would like you to know that she never picks her cat up by its tail. :)

 Jim Menees - Web Development & Programming

Jim heads up the Web Development & Programming Department and is our "technical guru". He brings a vast library of knowledge on the development side of this craft, including the latest developments in ASP and PHP web languages. Jim also helps out as one of our server administrators, keeping all our sites online and functioning.

Jim also plays the banjo.

 Rae Parker - Product & Market Research

Rae heads up the Product & Market Research Department and finds the best outside services for our clients. Full-time, she works for a non-profit organization, so she knows just how to squeeze a nickel into a dime. Her efforts ensure our clients will have the best possible service for the lowest price from server space to search engine submission. Her innovative marketing ideas also bring higher traffic to our clients' web sites.
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