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 S.O.S. - Save Our Site

Did you let your wife's cousin's boyfriend or some other obscure acquaintance develop your company website and now you can't get them to make your changes or even answer the phone?

Don't feel too bad because you aren't fact, you are in very good company.

Unfortunately, the web industry includes people or companies who aren't equipped to handle the needs of even the smallest website. These so-called designers often fall short when it comes to finishing what they started. Then there are web hosting companies practicing less than ethical business behavior, holding the domain you paid for hostage if you decide to leave their services.

Web Brats is dedicated to our clients and we do everything in our power to make sure our clients are always happy (policy, schmolicy). We are here to pick up the ball your webmaster dropped and we will work day and night to get your website back up and running smoothly. Whether your site requires a total redesign or code cleanup of an otherwise acceptable design, we can help!

Web Brats is a member of the Mid-South Better Business Bureau and to prove we are in with the good guys, we welcome you to contact our clients from our portfolio for their opinion of our skills and work ethic.

Some of the sites we have saved from the unacceptable service of other companies are shown below, in the well functioning state we gave them. Unfortunately, we expect this list to keep growing.

Christian Counseling Ministries DeSoto Magazine
Hernando City/Chamber Website Horne's Restaurant
Miss. Association of Legal Assistants  
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